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$275 per wheel

Custom wheels for as low as:

This service includes: Tire removal, disassembly, bearing pull, degreasing, sand blasting, powder coating of rims & hubs, bearing install, lacing, truing, tire mount & balance. This includes our standard color selection listed on our "Powder Coating  page"and can combine upto 3 colors per wheel set for this price. Add $75 per wheel to have powder coated spokes & nipples, or add an additional $150 per wheel for custom 50Fifty powder coating. We can get you a quote on brand new spokes, bearing & seal kits, tubes, tires, and rim liners for your wheel build by request.  Shoot us a call or email for a quote on your next custom wheel project now!


Full Custom Wheels__average wheel 32-40 spoke (spoke and nipple coating included)_____$350/wheel

Partial Custom Wheels_______ coated rims & hubs with service____________$275/wheel

50Fifty wheels________Two color powder coat  (rims only)____________$150/wheel

Mini moto wheels_____pit bike, boonie bike, moped etc. hub/rim coating _____$175/wheel

Motorcycle Wheel Disassembly________price per wheel________________$25/wheel

Motorcycle Wheel Lacing___price per wheel - Spokes not included_________$50/wheel

Motorcycle Wheel Truing__________price per wheel - Within +/-.010"______$75/wheel