Beginning in 2016 Moto-fied Cycles became a business. Starting from a single car garage, it quickly grew in size and popularity. In 2017 we moved into our shop space just north of Miller Park Stadium in Milwaukee, Wi. With many advancements to services, equipment, and skills we took on large scale powder coating to add a unique feature to our custom motorcycle shop (AKA WISCOAT). Since Moto-fied is a MOTORCYCLE shop, we wanted to have a separate page to show off our custom powder coating so as not to flood our other page. We are a small family owned business that thrives on custom projects that require attention to detail, and custom finishes. We constantly strive to improve on processes, and techniques to make every part show worthy, durable, and strong to stand the test of time. Please send us a message to visit the shop and talk about your next custom project.


3939 W. McKinley Ave Milwaukee, WI 53208