Bike Services

Fabrication_______________Per hour, Metal work, welding & more_______$75/Hr

Service work_____________Part disassembly, reassembly, cleaning Etc____$95/Hr

Tire Mounting/Balancing___Per wheel, includes tire disposal____________$30

Bearing Pull/Install_______Motorcycle only- Price per wheel_____________$20

Sandblasting_________Per minute, parts must be degreased, aluminum oxide 80grt_______$1.50


Powder Service (Single stage, standard colors, add 40% for clear coat, candies, etc)

Part minimum cost___________Price for one single batch part___________$40

Triple clamps______Must have all bearings/ seals removed______________$55

Battery box_______All pins and padding must be removed______________$50

Headlight bucket_______All grommets must be removed________________$40

Handle bars___________bar ends must be removed_____________________$40

Footpegs______ Pair, all rubber must be removed______________________$40

Sissy bar___________________________________________________________$50

Bar clamps___________Both sides____________________________________$40

Crash bars____________Harley/ cruiser style___________________________$75

Push rod tubes__________Full set price_______________________________$50

Rocker box cover__________Must come fully degreased_________________$50

Engine cover______All seals must be pulled, and degreased_____________$75

Skid plate__________All rubber/ padding must be removed_____________$40

Motorcycle Spoke & Nipple___Per set upto to colors___________________$150

Motorcycle Wheel & Hub______Per set (bearing pull not included)_______$200

Mini Bike Frame_____________Upto two stage color____________________$125

Dirtbike Frame______Swingarm/ subframe_____________________________$250

Average Frame_______Frame/ swingarm_______________________________$300

Large Frame____________Swingarm included___________________________$350

Sportbike Mag Wheels_______Moto only (bearing pull not included)______$200/ pair

Harley Style Mag Wheels____Bearing Pull/ disassembly not included______$250/pair

Swing-arm_________________________Motorcycle only__________________$75

Tank________No body filler, small size tanks, upto two stage_____________$200

Fender______No body filler, average size single upto two stage__________$100

Wheel Services

Full Custom Wheels_______See wheel refinishing page for detail*________$350/wheel

Partial custom wheels_______ Coated rims & hubs with service___________$275/wheel

Motorcycle Wheel Disassembly________Price per wheel_________________$25/wheel

Motorcycle Wheel Lacing___Price per wheel - Spokes not included_______$50/wheel

Motorcycle Wheel Truing__________Price per wheel - Within +/-.010"____$75/wheel

**Note: all bearings, seals, & parts MUST be removed prior to sand blasting/ coating, or will be subject to a service charge.**

We do not service bikes, for example: Oil changes, getting your bike running, cleaning tanks, fixing electrical etc. If it's not in our service list we don't offer it! Please hit up these  Rad local service shops for that type of work: Milwaukee Cycle, Metz MachinesThe Shop, or Moto Scoot. we highly suggest..

3939 W. McKinley Ave Milwaukee, WI 53208