Fueled by: passion & gasoline

Moto-fied LLC became a company in 2016 out of a single car garage near Milwaukee WI. Starting as a hobby, it quickly outgrew the tiny garage and was moved into an old industrial space in a 100 year old building. Built from creme city brick, this building was once used by the  Milwaukee transit system for building rail cars, and city busses once the rail cars were put of service. The shop continued to change as we bought equipment and started offering special services that many other motorcycle shops in our area did not offer. Customizing motorcycles has always been the drive and passion of this company, but we also offer services for other gear heads who want to do most of the work themselves. These services include: powder coating, spoke wheel truing & refinishing, fabrication & welding, as well as tire and bearing services. Whatever job it is, we are passionate about working with you on your project. Check out our service tab for a full list of prices.