This is Tony, a natural born rider with an extremely unique riding style. He started off stunt riding supermoto back in 2014, since then his skills have progressed to insane levels in stunt, street, racing, and enduro cross riding. Exploring, jumps, off-road, and wheelies are just a few things that put this guy on a whole different level from the rest. We proudly offer Tony powder coat, wheel & tire services, as well as custom fabrication and parts. be sure to follow him through various social platforms.


Eric Schuelke, better known around the track as Shakes, a Milwaukee native that has always admired motorcycles throughout his life.  Having spent most of his early 2 wheeled career riding around the Wisconsin countryside getting lost in the beauty of it all, he has since found a new passion, taking those same two-wheeled machines out onto the flat track and competing. The dream of racing dirt flat track started back in Milwaukee when attending Harley Davidson's 115th-anniversary party.  There, spectators watched the "Hooligans" race in the sand at Bradford Beach.  Having little knowledge of the sport, but a passion to want to go fast, he took to learning and soaking up as much information as he possibly could.  Over the coming winter months, he spent those cold Wisconsin nights in his garage tooling away learning and building his very first Harley Davidson Hooligan flat tracker.


Andy is our favorite Moto character in Milwaukee with his incredible amount of passion, energy, and knowledge that goes into his unique corner of the motorcycle community. He recently set a land speed record in honor of his late friend Joey Haupt, going 50 miles per hour while riding a push rod 50cc Honda from the 60's! Andy also likes to race local harescrambles, ice race, and plans to ride supermoto this season. We proudly offer Andy wheel work, powder coating, and parts to help him continue living his dream!


 HDOGG (harlan K.)

The baddest dogg in the stunt scene. With his completely custom Yamaha Wr250x supermoto, Harlan rides more on one wheel than two! His passion for his beautiful bike and for the sport are unmatched by any other. The bike he rides is 100% powder coated top to bottom with bold orange and purple colors, and is sprinkled with tons of custom stunt parts from local shops. We proudly offer powder services, tire changes, parts, and wheel work for Harlan and hope to continue a great relationship for years to come