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      We bought this Crf250L in 2020 for my wife, Cyndi with intentions of doing a supermoto conversion. This year it was transformed into a bike that screams style and personality.. Just like Cyndi! Since we met, her favorite color has been sea foam green. Unlike all of my other bikes which are dark, moody, and metallic, she wanted something that would brighten your day, and stand out in a sea of blacked out bikes. 


      The build started by trading the factory red plastics and GIANT muffler to a friend. In exchange, he gave us the fmf pipe and some other miscellaneous parts. We removed the wheels and disassembled them down to the hubs, ordered some spokes from Buchanan’s, and supermoto rims from Warp 9 Racing. Once the parts arrived it was time to refinish the rims in a style that would resemble Cyndis love for old things. We left the hub, spokes, and nipples silver, and powder coated the rim center sea foam green. The edge was sprayed white to resemble white walls on a classic car. Once installed, we had a great feel for how the bike would turn out. 


      Next, we installed new plastics and a seat cover from Thrill Seekers, Mika Metals handlebars, and odi lock on grips. The exhaust was refinished in white and sea foam with a Warp 9 Racing exhaust slider on the end for protection. Once all the parts were installed we ordered graphics from a company called Bike Graphix. This place stuck out to us because Cyndi wanted to get sparkle in her kit. We sent them a design inspired by Volta and they were able to make the kit in a few days and have it shipped out in a few more. The first kit we received didn’t quite match the powder coat, so we sent them a sample and they remade them to match perfectly. We really appreciated that!


      Amazingly, for such a small amount of work, we now have a classic custom supermoto with style and pop sitting in our garage. This bike really shows how far custom powder coating, wheel building, and a few parts  can go for a project! We would love to see more lady customers bring in their bikes to add some style an pop to their rides, just like Cyndi's bike! Shoot us an email about your bike and let’s chat about how we can transform it.

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